Dairy Management System

Dairy Management System 1.0

A management assistant for dairy farming
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Keep track of your dairy herd and manage the information on each animal. The utility generates statistical reports on the tendencies regarding efficiency and profitability. Updating the data by removing dead or sold cattle is possible along with quick outcome data adjustments.

The Dairy Management Software Program and Dairy Management System allows easy access, to key information on each animal, or the whole dairy herd thereby fostering an increase in efficiency and profitability. The Dairy Management Software was developed in consultation with the leading Breed Societies, as well as dairy consultants, vets and farmers. The electronic transfer of information between you and your Breed Society is very easy, time spent at the computer is at a minimum and useful information is available for consultants to assist the farmer, in important decision making about the dairy.

Main Features :

- Cow Information Cards - Showing lifetime history of AI’s, production, calvings, mastitis, other medical and weight recordings. Production graphs as well as weight recording graphs are available for individual animals as well as the entire dairy herd.
- Milk Recording – official or unofficial milk recording facility. Electronic transfer of milk recordings to laboratories for testing and automated import of results highlighting problem dairy cows with high somatic cell counts together with their somatic cell count history and mastitis problems over their lifetime.
- The system has been linked to the major electronic milking machines thus saving having to recapture milk into the dairy system. The data path is bi-directional ie the latest data will either be sent or received from Plan-A-Head Dairy Management System to the milking machine software.
- Veterinary History - Option to generate a vet visit report with all dairy cows overdue for calving, not cycling, cycled after pregnancy tested positive, due for pregnancy testing together with all their current medical history.
- 3 Generation Pedigree - History of culled dairy animals kept on file enabling full pedigrees to be generated as well as extraction of information by genetic line.
- Fertility History ie: heats, services, calvings, etc. – Fertility history of AIs, heats, pregnancy test results on each dairy animal as well as conception stats by bull or inseminator can be extracted.

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